Ted Tuesday is a British born artist who lives and works in London. His practice revolves around the discipline of drawing, though he also has an experimental attitude to image making as a photographer. 


Selected Exhibitions:

Photoblock - Truman Brewery - London - 2017

Fotofestiwal - Poland - 2016

Paste Modernism curated by Ben Frost - Australia - 2015

Xerox and Destroy - Unveil’d - Exter - 2015

Zine World - Doomed Gallery - London -  2015

God Knows I’m Good - Mickey Weaver Gallery - London - 2013

D&AD New Blood - Brick Lane - London -  2010

Going Postal - ICA - London -  2009



Schön! 2


For all collaboration, commission enquiries and for information on available artwork email: info@tedtuesday.com


photo: Prince Rogers Nelson - Freshman Year 1970s


"Most of my work with the Pet Shop Boys was about the juxtaposition of shiny pop things and decay," he said. "The implied entropy."

Eric Watson


Actually, the suburbs are far more sinister places than most city dwellers imagine. Their very blandness forces the imagination into new area. I mean, one's got to get up in the morning thinking of a deviant act, merely to make certain of one's freedom. It needn't be much; kicking the dog will do.

You see the suburbs spring up. They represent the optimum of what people want. There's a certain sort of logic leading towards these immaculate suburbs. And they're terrifying, because they are the death of the soul. This is the prison this planet is being turned into.

J. G. Ballard


"Each artist or each writer, his capital is his childhood, you know, all what you learn there, what you saw there, because you saw there without any connotations, you saw it like.... innocently, and that's important. All the source of doing something is there."

Anselm Kiefer


"I think everyone involved in what's now called 'Punk' did suffer a bit because first of all we weren't all nice middle class kids who had a nice upbringing, who had stable mental health in the first place, you know. We made that happen because we were those awkward people, but then along came after us in the next wave, the people who picked up on the music, picked up on the attitude, sanitised it a bit, and were sort of well educated or well brought up enough to actually be able to play the game, fit in, and get their deals, and capitalise. And that's fine, but I'd like that to be seen, I'd like that to be documented in a way." 

Viv Albertine